Still in Love with Doctopus

Last year I discovered an amazing Google App:  Doctopus.  I had already been using Google in my classroom for about five years.  Generally speaking, students would create a Google Doc and share it with me so that I could review it and provide feedback.  It was slightly more complicated if I had a template I wanted them to use for the assignment. The goal was to be paperless. And I was practically paperless, but it was not smooth sailing. Here was a pretty major issue:  My students controlled their documents.  If they didn’t share the document with me, it was like they didn’t turn it in at all.

doctogrey_lgThen a friend suggested Doctopus.

My. Life. Changed.

(perhaps slightly overdramatic).



With Doctopus, I am able organize my classes, create folders for each student, and distribute assignments to my students in a variety of formats.  I could even attach a rubric and provide feedback pretty easily and quickly.  Best of all, I controlled the documents. Students did not have to remember to share it with me or even put their names in the document.

So, I want to share the love with other teachers seeking a way to be paperless and in control.  Over the summer, I was able to run a workshop for my county, but I know it’s easy to forget what you learned in June by September if it’s not but into practice.

In addition to following this link for some How To Slides, I’m also starting to post some video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Next up:  Using Goobric for feedback and assessment.

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